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Central & Eastern Europe tours

The Baltic countries are popular for a fascination landscape at the seaside, beautiful Hanseatic towns and tasty cuisine. The Czech Republic attract with the capital Prague, delicious beer and magnificent buildings along the Vltava River, while Slovakia excite with a spectacular mountain scenery. In western Ukraine, the former Crown land Galicia is located, a unique cultural region, whose capital is the beautifully restored city of Lviv, with almost maritime atmosphere and considered a melting pot of nations. Wildly romantic and legendary are the forests in the neighboring Carpathians. With all of these countries, there is a deep affinity and the natural wonders and magnificent of our Slavic neighbors can be ideally combined with a visit to Poland.


  • Royal Cities

    Poland & Czech Republic

    Services 2 nights in Prague 2 nights in Cracow half board with… 4 x buffet breakfast 3 x three-course dinner at the hotel 1 x three-course dinner at the typical Prague restaurant incl. 1 glass of beer city sightseeing tour of Prague city sightseeing tour of Cracow...

  • Around the Baltic Sea


    Services 2 nights in Gdańsk 1 night in Masuria 2 nights in Vilnius 2 nights in Riga 1 night in Tallinn half board with… 8 x buffet breakfast 8 x three-course dinner at the hotel city sightseeing tour of Gdańsk with… visit to the Oliwa Cathedral incl. organ...

  • Historical Region of Galicia

    Poland & Ukraine

    Services 2 nights in Cracow 1 night in Rzeszow 1 night in Krasiczyn 2 nights in Lviv 2 nights in Kiev half board with… 8 x buffet breakfast 6 x three-course dinner at the hotel 1 x dinner at the Galician restaurant in Lviv 1 x farewell dinner with Ukrainian specialities...

  • Slavic Faces

    Poland & Belarus

    Services 2 nights in Warsaw 1 night in Brest 2 nights in Minsk 1 night in Grodna 2 nights in Białowieża half board with… 8 x buffet breakfast 7 x three-course dinner at the hotel 1 x barbeque dinner in Białowieża city sightseeing tour of Warsaw city sightseeing...

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  • Theatre Olympics - European Capital of Culture 2016
    Special tour, 4 days from € 186,00
  • City full of Culture
    4 days incl. HB/programme from € 165,00
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