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   New EU Data Protection Directive


Better safe than sorry!


Due to massive violations on Google, Facebook, Yahoo and other major social networks, from 25 May 2018, a new, EU-wide privacy policy will apply, which is also mandatory for small and medium-sized companies.


As before, your data will continue to be kept strictly confidential. However, under the new law, we are subject to a duty to provide information on the use of data, which we hereby comply with:


  • Your company data is used internally only and not sold to commercial address vendors.


  • Customer names and customer data (e.g., vegetarians, allergies, etc.) are only disclosed to third parties (e.g., hotels) to ensure thorough travel preparation; e.g. Room occupancy lists, illness-related meals etc.


  • We have signed letters of commitment with all recipients of customer-related data (such as hotels). Accordingly, the recipients commit to use customer data only for the agreed purpose and then delete it.


  • Customer data are saved by us only within the legally prescribed period (for example, for complaints, tax billing, etc.) and deleted after expiry of the statutory periods.


  • Bank details are used only for the purpose of refunds (for example for cancellations, overpayments, etc.). Information about the account numbers will be forwarded exclusively to our house bank for the purpose of a money transfer. The data is protected twice in our accountancy dept. by a firewall.


  • Our website uses a secure and encrypted SSL connection for security reasons and to protect the transmission of confidential content (such as requests). You can recognize this encrypted connection by the fact that the address line of your browser changes from http: // to https: // and to the lock symbol in your browser line. If SSL encryption is activated, data transmitted to us cannot be read by third parties.


  • We are advised and supported by a lawyer specialized in data protection. In our company, the position of a data protection officer has been created.


  • An IT company commissioned by us deals professionally with hacker protection and the unauthorized access of third parties to our database.




We look forward to a continued partnership and trusting cooperation and are always happy to answer your questions!


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