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10 good reasons (15/0183)

to plan your event in Poland

Why Poland!

Because we have it all!

Let us give you 10 good reasons why Poland is a great incentive destination and should be on the very top of your list!


1. Geography

No, not the boring subject you had at school! Just take a look at where we are. Centrally located, we function as a hub between Eastern and Western Europe. Very convenient for your international events and easily accessible with any means of transport.


2. Landscape

Poland is like a chameleon; not just one type of landscape but changing by the hour as you cross our beautiful country. Large wild forests, mountains, plains, seaside with formidable shifting  dunes, one of the most beautiful lake districts in the world... You name it - we have got it.  Keep your eyes open and you have a big chance to see our national symbol: the stork! 


3. Cities

They cater for every need. From the beautiful seaside city of Gdańsk, through modern, capital city of Warsaw to the medieval Royal City of Cracow, or our Venice of Silesia and European Capital of Culture 2016 - Wrocław. Every city has got its own charm and all of them are in their own way suitable for events and incentives.


4. History

The unique location has made sure we had a very turbulent history in the past millennium.  We are proud of our national heroes such as General Tadeusz Kościuszko, Pope John Paul II and Lech Walęsa, who contributed to Poland’s  independence.  And yes, it is POLAND where the fall of the communism in Central and Eastern Europe began – by tearing down the Iron Curtain. Everything started in the city of Gdansk…Talking about the impact on the world!


5. Culture

Everybody knows the piano compositions by  Frederic Chopin , one of Poland’s most famous sons. In homage to Chopin, the airport in Warsaw was named after him. Nicolaus Copernicus, Marie Curie, Ludwig Zamenhof or Roman Polański… They are all Polish too! Are you interested in architecture, art or music? We have got it all!  World-class historic monuments,  14 UNECSO World Heritage Sites, art galleries, interactive museums, opera houses, concert halls,  numerous theaters. We could go on with a long list…  No wish stays unfulfilled and you never get bored!.


6. Your stay

Boutique hotels, well- known 5-star properties or castles. Poland has what you need. Bored of standard accommodation? Try a tree house or let the room choose you as a guest!  Yes, it is true; there are a lot of unique and amazing overnight places . The venues are diverse as the hotels; from large conference centers to small tailor-made solutions. One of the best?  The Wieliczka salt mine for an underground meeting - absolutely mind blowing!


7. Hospitality

The Polish hospitality is world famous and exceptional. Poland will make you come back for more! Just come over, experience it and won’t be disappointed! Want to be welcomed in an old Polish traditional way with bread and salt by Poles in folk costumes? No problem.


8. Restaurants and nightlife

We have got your attention now, haven’t we? Forget about what you have heard about Polish cuisine! The new generation is here and they are here to change it all. They launch traditional food like a rocket into modern time! After dinner, you will for sure want to discover the exclusive clubs, discos, pubs, breweries or wine cellars. Polish nightlife is diverse, pulsating, exciting and amusing; and Poles do know how to party big time!


9. Special adventures

RIB-boats, 4x4’s , power turn, gun shooting, quads, paintball, geocaching, goat milking, bread baking  or even tank driving?? Ever fried the sausage on bonfire while having a boat cruise on the river without leaving it? Ever experienced a boat cruise on the meadow? Had a dinner at the underground restaurant ? Just check it out...Let us do something unusual for your event or incentive!


10. Because YOU want it

Admit it, we got you curious to come and experience what Poland has got to offer and we are confident you will be positively surprised.  Give a wow-effect to your event and let us make it unforgettable and unique!


11. Sorry, we do not think that 10 is enough…

…but you can get all of this for the best value for money possible. Let us convince you!


Let’s make this a big success together!

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